Lynco L420 Orthopedic Shoe Inserts

The Lynco L420 Sports Orthotics have been among the favorites of diabetic insoles at The Diabetic Shoes HuB. These shoe inserts are designed specifically for comfort, support, and weight redistribution in running, walking and comfort footwear so they can be used by anyone in any shoe for a truly customizable fit. The Lynco L420 Athletic Shoe Inserts feature a Pro-Shox top cover for superior cushioning and shock absorption. You can expect superior cushioning and shock absorption in whatever you do while you’re wearing these insoles.

Lynco L420 Sports Shoe Insole

Lynco L420 Sports Shoe Insole

Diabetic Insoles Added!!!

We have just added new products to the diabetic insoles category on the Diabetic Shoes HuB. The new insoles join the list popular diabetes shoe inserts including best-sellers such as the Thermothotics Contour Insoles and the Aetrex Performance Insoles.

Orthopedic Shoe Inserts are easy to trim and grind down to ensure a customized, comfortable fit for every user. The insoles are designed to cushion the foot and absorb shock forces as you walk or run during your everyday activities. The goal of our shoe inserts is to make shoe comfort the last thing on your mind as you worry about the things in your everyday life.