New Diabetic Dress Socks from Ecosox

Because the original bamboo socks from Ecosox did so well, we have just added the new diabetic dress socks from Ecosox. Much like the diabetic crew sock, these have a larger sock top helps prevent marks on swollen legs. They wick away moisture and keep the foot dry with the anti-static material which also helps to prevent blisters. The socks come in four great colors, khaki, tan, black, and navy which give you options for your work day. The anti-static properties of the bamboo socks prevent skin irritation such as blisters that can easily turn into much more severe foot problems such as ulcers, non-healing wounds as well as infections that can all lead to amputations. Stop by the HuB and checkout the new diabetic dress socks today.

EcoSox Bamboo Socks – 3 Packs

With the great demand of the bamboo socks from EcoSox, we have seen these flying out in quite a flurry. I can imagine the reason though, I have actually tried these out myself and the seamless socks are surprisingly snug. It’s also kind of amazing how great it is to have the piece of mind you get with socks that are actually good for the environment. We are also selling the socks in multiples to create more value for our customers. The 3 pair EcoSox crew bamboo socks are designed specifically to meet the needs of diabetics with added value. The socks are constantly wicking away moisture in order to keep feet dry and in a healthy environment, preventing common foot problems such as blisters, ulcerations, athlete’s foot, plantar warts and infections.

Similarly, the 3 pair EcoSox quarter bamboo socks not only come in a comfy quarter sock size, but they also protect the feet of diabetics by wicking away moisture in order to keep feet dry and in a healthy environment, preventing common foot problems such as blisters, ulcerations, athlete’s foot, plantar warts and infections. The larger sock top on these orthopedic socks help prevent marks on swollen legs. These bamboo socks employ anti-static properties to prevent skin irritation such as blisters that can easily turn into much more severe foot problems.

EcoSox Bamboo Socks – New Products

Because of the great demand for a solid pair of diabetic socks, we have recently added a couple of pairs from a company called EcoSox which manufactured bamboo socks. Aside from the extra cushioning in the heel and ball of the foot, the natural properties of bamboo make EcoSox super soft, moisture wicking, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-static. These orthopedic socks keep feet dry with no foot odor or skin irritation.

Diabetic Bamboo Quarter Socks

Diabetic Bamboo Quarter Socks

Diabetic Bamboo Crew Socks

Diabetic Bamboo Crew Socks

The socks are also designed with an arch support for a snug, yet loose fit so the socks don’t slide and slip down into the shoe. The craze these days is to go green so why not be comfortable while doing it?

Diabetic Socks and Insoles – Great Stocking Stuffers!

Ok, so I’m sure you already know about the great savings with the free shipping discounts that come with a few of our diabetic insoles, but we’re not stopping there. We’ve also worked hard for you to be able to offer lower prices on our high-quality diabetes socks. This particular pair of orthopedic socks at the HuB help prevent pressure sores because all seams are eliminated from the fabric. The socks are spacious and roomy for bulky bandaging and they will stay snug for a comfortable fit.

Now back to the diabetes insoles: the diabetes insoles from Aetrex unload stress at the ball of the foot allowing you to move about and be pain-free throughout the day. The Aetrex Thermothotic Insoles are designed to support the longitudinal arch while sitting naturally in the shoe.

The two items above are perfect gifts for the Holidays and the savings from the Diabetic Shoes HuB just act as the cherry on top of the quality products. Keep your eyes peeled and make sure you visit the hub regularly for our special Holiday promotion that is going to take place site-wide so that you can enjoy deeper savings on all of our products.

Diabetic Socks – A Great Gift for The Holiday Season

It’s hard to ignore the financial situation in today’s markets with the extended exposure Wall Street is getting lately on everything from traditional local news stations to’s homepage. And with the Holidays just around the corner, it takes a toll on wallets during the gift giving season.

Luckily, there are practical gifts available that you know your loved ones will use that you won’t have to give an arm and a leg for. The orthopedic socks from the Diabetic Shoes HuB are manufactured from Holofiber. Holofiber has been clinically proven to increase oxygen levels in the blood by up to 29.9% and the increased oxygen levels can aid in healing and tissue recovery. Make this year’s stocking stuffer an item that you not only know they’ll use, but they’ll also benefit from in a healing perspective.

SmartKnit Seamless Diabetic Socks

In response to a recent comment on a popular post about diabetes foot care that was written back in May, we are featuring the supportive and comfortable SmartKnit seamless diabetic socks in today’s post. The SmartKnit socks are a favorite among those who seek a sock that fit like a second skin that is completely free of any seams. The Seamless orthopedic socks are made with CoolMax technology and are much more effective in moisture management than natural fibers like cotton. CoolMax is a four-channel wicking fiber treated with an antimicrobial finish for superior moisture management. These socks don’t fade, shrink, or wrinkle. There is zero compression and circulation restriction so you can go about your day and worry about the things that truly matter like spending time with your loved ones.

Aetrex Seamless Diabetic Socks

Aetrex has always been known for making great orthopedic shoes, but another popular product line is also diabetic socks. One of the companies most popular orthopedic sock is the Seamless Diabetic Sock because they are designed to assure a smooth fit without painful pressure points.

Aetrex Seamless Diabetic Socks

Aetrex Seamless Diabetic Socks

The Aetrex Seamless Diabetic Socks are a great asset to not only diabetics, but also anyone with arthritis related foot problems. They are also great for those who may have poor circulation in the foot. The socks are made of a soft, thin, strong yarn to ensure proper room in the shoe for maximum comfort. Spandex keeps the diabetic socks in place. Hi-tech acrylic fibers wick moisture away from the foot so you can be sure that your feet are dry as you go about your day.

The Diabetic Shoes Hub is Now Fully Functional!

Come and celebrate the Grand Opening of The Diabetic Shoes HuB, your source for Diabetic Shoes and Diabetes Information. Payment processing was implemented last Friday and the final addition for customer checkout was completed. Among the checkout options are credit card, PayPal, and Google Checkout.

The Diabetic Shoes HuB is here to serve users in a fast, friendly, and efficient manner, but seriously, don’t take our word for it. Come and see for yourself. Check out the great selection of Men’s Diabetic Slippers, Women’s Diabetic Sandals, Diabetic Socks, and of course, Men’s Diabetic Ambulator Shoes.

Check out the HuB and let us know what you think. Your feedback is important to us so if you think the site looks great and functions well, or if think the site can use a bit of an improvement, let us know. Leave a comment on this blog or email us at

Diabetic Socks – Revisited

Diabetic socks are specially made orthopedic socks that were made primarily to minimize the chance of developing a sore or a blister on the feet. Diabetics generally have problems with their feet because of the nerve damage that occurs. These orthopedic socks are made to control moisture and can reduce the risk of infection. Generally, the socks are made without seams to reduce blistering.

Some of the popular diabetic socks at the Diabetic Shoes HuB have been the:

These and more orthopedic socks are available so take a browse and order with confidence. If you have any comments or feedback on the site in general, feel free to comment here. Bear with us though, we are still in the final stages of getting the payment processing implemented. Check back for updates and we hope to see you soon!

Two New HuB Exclusives!!!

Two new shoes have been added to the list of best sellers at the Diabetic Shoes HuB.  The category constantly has new shoes added so be sure to check the site regularly. Also, more diabetic socks and accessories have been added. Namely, the popular Aetrex Copper Orthopedic Socks. These are popular, so grab a pair while they’re still hot!

Why Diabetic Socks

People diagnosed with diabetes have many troubles with their feet.  The loss of feeling and senses make it hard to tell whether or not a blister or sore has developed. If sores go untreated, they can later become ulcers. The complications only get worse from there.

Diabetic socks are seamless and are designed to reduce irritation. Protection against irritation is important and can prevent sores and blisters from forming. The idea behind diabetic socks is to increase the health of your legs and feet.