Drew Desiree – New Drew Shoes – Part 2

For the lighter colors of the Drew Desiree shoes, Drew wanted to make sure that there were enough colors to accommodate all preferences of this popular Mary Jane shoe. The tan Drew Desiree shoes and the white Drew Desiree shoes are solid versions and undeniable favorites. For the color combos, we have added the penny Drew Desiree and the Drew Desiree in baby blue and white. The Desiree Mary Jane shoes come with a built in plus Fitting System with two removable insoles which can be added or take out based on user preference. Another noticeable comfort feature is the soft, foam padded collar.

Drew Delite product additions – We’re not through yet

So Drew had just let us know that these hot sellers keep flying off of the shelf and that is why they have such a great variety of colors to choose from. They kept making them, so we kept putting them out, and it looks like you guys are loving them. Again we appreciate your support and would love to hear feedback if we are missing something you would like us to carry. We’ll do our best to offer them at the most competitive price possible. But for now, back to the Drew Delite shoes. We have added the Drew Delite in Black Stretch which are very similar to the mesh version, except this Mary Jane shoe adds a sense of flash with it’s shine. There is also a Drew Delite Mary Jane shoe in Grey and just like the other Delite models, the grey offers a strong and flexible, lightweight polyurethane outsole to ensure that your feet have maximum breathability. Drew Shoes are all about comfort and the Drew Delite shoes are no exception.

New Products – Drew Delite from Drew Shoes

It’s that time again. We have added a new line of shoes to the women’s line of medical shoes from the world-known manufacturer, Drew Shoe. To start things off for this round of new shoes, we have added the Drew Delite in black which is darker version of the comfortable, stylish Mary Jane shoes. Along with the black, we also have the Drew Delite in green and white, the Drew Delite in nude, and last but not least, the Drew Delite in silver. Drew Shoes says that these are their best orthopedic shoes yet. Keep your eye out for more colors in this popular shoe model.