The Diabetes Exercise and Sports Association

I cannot begin to stress the importance of a regular fitness routine and the benefits it can have on anyone’s health, regardless of diabetes diagnosis. It’s no secret that regular workouts can increase your energy while decreasing unhealthy weight. For diabetics there is an extra resource available to help you jump-start your workout routine called the Diabetes Exercise and Sports Association. The association exists in order to help individuals with diabetes achieve their goals and enhance their quality of life through physical fitness. Exercise and participation can lead to happier, healthier years and a more confident attitude. The Diabetes Exercise and Sports Association is truly great in assisting those that have been diagnosed to participate in a broad range of activities meant to boost physical, as well as mental health.

Mix up your workout

Close to 80% of the diabetic population in America is obese. There is no question as to whether or not a workout routine will help most diabetics. The only question is what kind of routine should diabetics do? Will diabetics benefit more from weight lifting, running, circuit training, or aerobics. Personally, I think everyone can benefit from a proper Kung Fu workout, but the thing about martial arts is that they are not for everyone. Whether you’re a runner or a weight lifter, the best type of workout is one that mixes all types of exercise. Weights can add a bit of muscle and running can increase your lung capacity as well as endurance. The bottom line with working out is to try to fit in any kind of exercise every day. Although it is best to mix it up, working out period is a plus.