Jay Cutler is going to the Chicago Bears

So I know it’s old news to some, but a young pro-bowler quarterback who is a role model in the diabetic community is leaving his original town. Yes Jay Cutler is off to the Bears because of a coaching mishap with the new head of the Denver Broncos. Personally, I think move will come back to bite Denver in the behind and their coach definitely came into the club on the wrong foot. Good news for Urlacher and company though. I guess we’ll all be seeing more of Da Bears in the years to come.

What is going to happen to Jay Cutler

Wow, talk about a mess. If you haven’t been following the NFL during the off-season, Pro-Bowler Jay Cutler who was diagnosed with diabetes last season, is now in a pickle with his Denver Broncos team. The team fired his former coach at the end of the season last year and brought on Josh McDaniels who apparently carries a ton of luggage full of trouble. Oh, other news, McDaniels instigated Matt Cassel’s trade Kansas City which was supposed to be a three way trade involving Cutler. This really raised my eye as Cassel was the man who stepped in for New England last year after their star QB went down in the first regular season game. It’ll be interesting to see what happens but Cutler wants out and I don’t blame him. A Pro-bowl quarterback in only his third season shouldn’t have to deal with that garbage. After putting up with this kind of drama, handling his diabetes should be a breeze.

Peyton Manning’s Prank on Jay Cutler

In case you hadn’t heard the news yet, here’s a funny joke that wasn’t funny after-all, but then, it was again. In a Pro-Bowl initiation stunt, The Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning threw what he thought was Jay Cutler’s cell phone into the pool. The only problem was, that the device happened to be Jay’s diabetes monitor. Peyton and the gang had attempted to “haze” the first-time pro-bowler but as Yahoo.com pointed out earlier in the week, the prank turned into a serious matter, for a moment at least. Things ended up being alright as Jay made a few calls and was able to find a replacement within an hour. See, even celebrities with diabetes catch the heat.

Jay Cutler – Wining with Diabetes

In the Monday Night Football season opener, the Denver Broncos pummeled the Oakland Raiders in an impressive 41 to 14 win. The Denver Broncos were lead by their quarterback, Jay Cutler who announced in the off-season, that he was a diabetic. His rocket arm and precision accuracy are back now that his diabetes is under control thanks to his support, his work, and mainly, his attitude.

Football is among the roughest sports in history and yet, Jay refuses to falter. It is his support and will that makes the challenge of living with diabetes not so much of a challenge. Stay informed and take charge of your health and you will soon find out as Jay did, that living with diabetes doesn’t have to be hard. After all, last night’s game just proves that life can be enjoyable for anyone regardless of the situation.

Denver Broncos Quaterback Living with Diabetes

The Quarterback for the Denver Broncos will have more challenges than just putting points on the board this year. In late April, Jay Cutler was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Cutler said couragously that in no way will his football career be jeopardized. Cutler goes on to bravely state that diabetes will have minimal effect on his life as well as he plans to deal with his condition. He is just grateful that it was diagnosed before it was too late. His dietary habits have changed for the better and he plans on wearing during practice until he gets back up to his playing weight and the diabetes stabilizes. Cutler’s dedication to not let the diagnoses affect his play is something we can all look forward to seeing. We admire your courage and attitude Jay.

“Obviously, this is a serious disease,” Jay said. “It’s not going to change me on the field. I’ll make lifestyle changes. But I’ll probably be a better quarterback this year than I was last year.”