Acor Men’s Spring Street Diabetic Walking Shoe

Here is another popular walker from the Diabetic Shoes HuB; the Acor Spring Street Men’s Walking Shoe. The Acor Diabetic Walking Shoe is a great option of footwear for diabetics and those suffering from arthritis. Having a proper fitting shoe not only heals your current foot problems, but it also prevents future ones from developing.

Acor Men's Spring Street Diabetic Shoe

Acor Men

The Acor Spring Street Shoe and insoles have been worn by millions of individuals who seek stylish, innovative, and functional products. Removable insoles make room for ready-made insoles or custom orthoses. One of the most unique features of this premium orthopedic shoe from Acor is that it is completely lined with X-Static, an innovative fiber that eliminates 99% of bacteria and fungi in the shoe within 2 hours, provides for instant odor reduction, and decreases friction in the shoe by displacing heat, which results in a reduction of blisters and hot spots. Trusted by millions around the world, you know the Acor Spring Street shoes will deliver on its tradition.