Pedors Celliant – New Pedors Diabetic Socks

With the craze of diabetic socks on the site lately, we’ve been scouring the net and our manufacturers to find out where the next socks are that can provide value to both quality and cost. Luckily, we have Pedors to thank for the newest edition of socks in the diabetic socks category. We have just added the Pedors Celliant socks using technology clinically proven to relieve pain, promote quicker healing, improve sleep quality, heighten athletic performance and help to regulate body temperature. The Pedors Celliant diabetic crew socks are ideal for active diabetics seeking an extremely comfortable sock without sacrificing comfort. Much like the crew version, the Pedors Celliant diabetic ankle socks have a flat looped toe to prevent irritation for sensitive diabetic feet and the non-binding top offers support without restricting circulation. The Pedors Celliant socks have no interior seams, offering extreme comfort for any user.