Drew Footsaver and Pedors 2P Diabetic Shoe Inserts

Frequently, it is the shoe that outlasts an insole and in comfort footwear especially, the shoe insert is an integral part to the orthopedic shoe experience. We have 2 new shoe inserts that are designed to reduce foot pain and relieve pressure points. The first, is the Drew Footsaver insole.

Drew Footsaver Shoe Insert

Drew Footsaver Shoe Insert

The Drew Footsaver Insole uses body heat to conform to the contours of the foot so every user will get a custom fit. The Footsaver insert from Drew Shoes is medical grade. This is the perfect insole to reduce foot pain, relieve pressure points and equalize pressure over the entire walking surface of the foot.

Secondly, we proudly present the Pedors 2P diabetic shoe inserts.

Pedors 2P Shoe Insert

Pedors 2P Diabetic Inserts

The Pedors 2P insole is designed to contour and retain the mold of the patient’s foot. These insole work particularly well with womens shoes with the option of ensuring maximum room in the shoe for patients where edema in the foot may demand consideration when fitting an insert.