Spring Step Shoes for Men, Part 2

You didn’t think we were done did you? With the great footwear that Spring Step has consistently developed, we just had to get their latest, greatest, tested, tried, and true men’s footwear onto the Diabetic Shoes HuB website. We’re picking up right where we left off.

Spring Footwear Men's Boots

Spring Step Boots for Men

Spring Footwear Men's Shoes

Spring Step Comfort Shoes for Men

Spring Footwear Men's Comfort Shoes

Spring Step Dress Shoes for Men

Each of the Spring Step men’s footwear models provide all day comfort and support with their stylish, yet durable design. The shoes have their own features and comfort benefits, but don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself.

New Shoes – Spring Step from Spring Footwear

We promised you some new products and we absolutely deliver on our word. Just a few weeks into the year, we are proud to introduce our Spring Step lineup from Spring Footwear. Spring Footwear is the home of European comfort and the company prides itself on identifying stylish and luxurious footwear designs to bring to the United States. For the perfect blend of fashion, technology, and comfort, look no further than the Spring Step collection.
To start things off, we have a variety of styles from the women’s fashion category. These items are fitted and designed for comfort but trendy enough to wear for a night on the town. We have a small sample of the shoes below:

Spring Step Comfort Shoes

Women's Katima Comfort Sandals

Spring Step Comfort Shoes

Women's Flora Comfort Sandals

Spring Step Comfort Shoes

Women's Flamingo Comfort Sandals

Spring Step Comfort Shoes

Women's Keesha Comfort Sandals

Spring Step Comfort Shoes

Women's Flamingo Kaylee Sandals

First up, we have the women’s Katima comfort sandals which feature three adjustable straps for a custom and precise fit. The insole on the Katima can be replaced by a custom orthotic, or can be machine washed and air dried. Next, we have the Spring Step Flora sandals for women. Each Flora sandal is made with only the highest quality materials to ensure comfort and durability. These sandals are fabricated with soft cushioned leather insoles and provide arch support for all day walking comfort. Coming up for the Spring Season, we have also added the Flamingo comfort sandals. The Flamingo is a magnificently crafted slingback sandal. They offer stability, durability, and flexibility through its cork like polyurethane outsole. Next, we have the Spring Step Keesha sandals. Similar to the Katima, the Keesha uses two adjustable hook & loop closure leather straps. The sandals were also designed with a shock absorbing insole. Finally, we have the Kaylee comfort sandals which are a beautiful slide in sandal designed with fashion and maximum comfort in mind. The padded footbed and flexibility of the insole leads to all day comfort for the fashion-oriented woman. All of the styles above are available in multiple colors. We’ll be adding more on a regular basis from Spring Footwear and I don’t want to give too much away, but keep an eye out for the men’s line as well as some very comfortable medical shoes coming soon.