Eating Out with Diabetes

So you want to go out for a great night on the town with your significant other or maybe you just want to meet up with some friends at the new local restaurant in town that everyone is raving about. It’s no secret that people enjoy going out and having a good time. Most people think that diabetics are put on a strict diet and can’t enjoy the dining that the nightlife has to offer. Well those folks are dead wrong. With a few simple tips and a little bit of planning, the weekly dinners can become a regular thing again.

While eating out, diabetics should pay attention to their salt-intake. Here are a few simple tips to enjoy a meal without risking your health.

  • For appetizers, stay away from the fried foods, soups, and rolls. Instead go for the fresh fruit or vegtables.
  • If you’re getting a salad say no to the cheese get your dressing on the side, that way, you can control how much you use.
  • For the main dish, stay as plain as possible. I’m not talking about the flavor, I’m literally talking about the cooking process. Go for the fish (not fried of course) or the roasted meat. Get the steamed veggies instead of the mashed potatoes.
  • Always ask the server if the food can be prepared without MSG (monosodium glutamate).

These simple tips along with smaller portions and good judgment will always equate to a good time.