Have you ever considered a vegan diet?

I know it may seem completely insane to some, but to others, any other diet besides a vegan one is hardly an option. Vegan diets are great and very healthy. It is quite possibly the healthiest diet you can be on besides a raw diet. I actually went vegan myself for close to a couple of years and believe me, it’s different. I grew up with a circle of friends that loved pizza and wings while watching a football game, a circle of friends that ate steak and potatoes at least once a week. Heck, Italian food was my favorite, and how vegan can you really be with all of that cheese? But when I was vegan I had so much energy and I needed a lot less sleep to get through the day with a functioning mind. Sadly, I am off of it but I rarely go a day without having a vegan meal and when I am not feeling so hot or illness tends to set in, I go strictly vegan and I’m back up and running in no time. If you haven’t tried the vegan diet, I would just give it a shot to see if you feel any better. Make a commitment to yourself to try it for two weeks, I’ll guarantee your body will thank you.